RD 153-34.0-20.525-00

РД 153-34.0-20.525-00

Methodical guidelines for monitoring grounding of electrical installations

Методические указания по контролю состояния заземляющих устройств электроустановок

Status: Effective

Guidelines apply to the staff of AO-energo, intersystem electrical networks (MES), MES enterprises and enterprises, design, construction and installation and commissioning organizations involved in the operation, design and construction of grounding devices (ZU) power facilities. The guidelines provide methods for monitoring and testing the memory of substations and overhead lines, methods for testing penetration fuses and phase-zero circuits (in installations up to 1000 V) during operation and when accepting newly constructed or reconstructed storage devices, and also indicate the instruments used thereto.

Методические указания распространяются на персонал АО-энерго, межсистемных электрических сетей (МЭС), предприятий МЭС и предприятий, проектных, строительно-монтажных и наладочных организаций, занимающихся эксплуатацией, проектированием и строительством заземляющих устройств (ЗУ) энергообъектов. В Методические указаниях приведены методы контроля и испытаний ЗУ подстанций и опор ВЛ, методы проверки пробивных предохранителей и цепи фаза-нуль (в установках до 1000 В) в процессе эксплуатации и при приемке вновь сооружаемых или реконструируемых ЗУ, а также указаны используемые при этом приборы.

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Format: Electronic (pdf/doc)
Page Count: 33

Approved: RAO UES of Russia, 5/7/2000

SKU: RUSS18289

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

Power industry » 20. Enterprises, associations, energy systems »

PromExpert » SECTION I. TECHNICAL REGULATION » V Testing and control » 4 Testing and control of products » 4.13 Testing and control of products of engineering industry » 4.13.2 Machines and equipment for special purposes » Machines and equipment for mining, oil industry and quarrying »

ISO classifier » 27 ENERGY AND HEATING TECHNOLOGY » 27.010 Energy and heat engineering in general »

ISO classifier » 29 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING » 29.020 Electrical engineering in general »

The Document References:

RD 34.45-51.300-97: Electrical equipment testing scope and standards.

The Document is Referenced By:

GOST 33329-2015: Acoustical barriers for railway transport. Technical requirements

GOST R 54931-2012: Acoustical barriers for railway transport. Technical requirements

GOST R 55005-2012: Renewable power engineering. Geothermal power plants. Safety requirements under operation

RD 153-34.1-35.127-2002: General technical requirements for program and technical complex for technological process automated control system of thermal power plant

SO 153-34.20.122-2006: Standards for technological design of AC substations with the highest voltage of 35-750 kV

SO 34.35.311-2004: Guidelines for Determining Electromagnetic Environment and Compatibility at Power Stations and Substations

GOST 34519-2019: Industrial chimney and ventilation pipes. Rules for the organization and production of work, monitoring of performance and requirements for the results of work

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