GOST 4784-74

ГОСТ 4784-74

Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloys. Grades

Алюминий и сплавы алюминиевые деформируемые. Марки

Status: Not effective - Superseded. IUS 2-1999

The standard applies to aluminum and wrought aluminum alloys, intended for the manufacture of semi-finished products by hot or cold deformation, as well as ingots and slabs.

Стандарт распространяется на алюминий и алюминиевые деформируемые сплавы, предназначенныедля изготовления полуфабрикатов методом горячей или холодной деформации, а также слитков и слябов.

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Approved: State Committee of Standards of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, 5/24/1974

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PromExpert » SECTION I. TECHNICAL REGULATION » V Testing and control » 4 Testing and control of products » 4.12 Testing and control of products of metallurgical industry » 4.12.3 Non-ferrous and precious metals »

ISO classifier » 77 METALLURGY » 77.120 Non-ferrous metals » 77.120.10 Aluminum and aluminum alloys »

National standards » 77 METALLURGY » 77.120 Non-ferrous metals » 77.120.10 Aluminum and aluminum alloys »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » V Metals and metal products » V5 Non-ferrous metals and their alloys. Rolled non-ferrous metals » V51 Non-ferrous metals, including rare, and their alloys »

The Document is Replaced With:

GOST 4784-97: Aluminium and wrought aluminium alloys. Grades

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 4784-65: Aluminium wrought alloys. Types

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I 1.09-10: Instructions for connecting insulated conductors of wires and cables

IBJaL.413531.005 IP: Signaling devices SGG-6-mod. 01; 02. Verification Instructions

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PNAE G-7-022-90: Equipment and pipelines of nuclear power units. Arc welding of aluminium alloys in protective gases. Main provisions

R 4.054.004-89: Details from alloys of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Thermal and chemical-thermal treatment. Typical Processes

R 4.054.103-89: Instrument parts are precision metal. Stabilization of sizes by heat treatment. Typical Processes

R 50-112-89: Recommendations. Hardening coatings used in the manufacture and restoration of textile equipment parts and machines for the processing of chemical fibers

RD 10-33-93: Slings for loading and general purposes. Requirements for arrangement and safe operation.

RD Catalog of foreign brands of non-ferrous metal alloys for ship and port engineering and comparable domestic brands according to state standards

RD 50-566-85: Guidelines. Means of measuring the energy of laser radiation pulses IFC-3M. Method of verification.

RD 50-703-91: Instructions. The basic supporting structures of electronic equipment. Technological requirements

RD 50-9.645-87: Guidelines. General requirements for the selection of metals and alloys used without coatings in atmospheric conditions

RST RSFSR 45-86: Sledge for children. Technical conditions

RST RSFSR 605-89: Folding knives. General technical conditions

RTM 24-85: Information index of state, republican and industry standards, technical specifications for materials and products used in the design of furnaces and dryers

RTM 3-1947-91: Design standards. Metals and alloys. Hardness Conversion Tables.

SNiP 2.03.06-85: Aluminium structures

SNiP I-V.12-62: Metals and metal products

SS-05: Method for determining the penetration of shaped charges at atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Atomic Supervision (SS-05)

ST TsKBA 076-2009: Pipe fittings. Distinctive signs. Types, sizes and specifications

TU 102-356-83: Three-layer roofing panels from steel corrugated profile and mineral wool insulation

TU 102-357-83: Three-layer steel wall panels with mineral wool insulation for block boxes and blocks

TU 102-358-83: Three-layer steel coating panels with mineral wool insulation for block boxes

TU 102-360-85: Aluminum aluminum masts for radio relay communication type MAP

TU 1-9-631-73: Extruded aluminum alloy profiles for semiconductor cooling radiators

VNTP 12-94K: Engineering Design Standards Facilities of the Canned Fruits and Vegetables Industry

VSN 10-83/Minhimprom: Instruction on designing of oxygen gas pipelines

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