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GOST 19746-74 Wire made of silver solders RUSS17609
GOST 11930.0-79 Hard-facind materials. General requirements for methods of analysis RUSS50312
GOST 5.917-71 Manual blowpipes for argon-arc welding types РГА-150 and РГА-400. Quality requirements of certified products RUSS53677
GOST 1429.15-77 Tin-lead solders. Spectral method for the determination of addition of antimony, copper, bismuth, arsenic, iron, lead RUSS48815
GOST 19738-74 Silver solders. Marks RUSS52019
GOST 21639.11-76 Flux for electroslag remelting. Method for the determination of lead, zinc, titanium, antimony RUSS52013
GOST 11930.12-79 Hard-facing materials. Method of antimony determination RUSS48488
GOST 20487-75 Brazing and soldering. Test method for evaluation of liquid solder effect on mechanical properties of parent material RUSS53393
GOST 11930.8-79 Hard-facing materials. Method of phosphorus determination RUSS49790
GOST 29297-92 Welding, brazing, soldering and braze welding of metals RUSS17190
GOST 4417-75 Quartz sand. For welding materials RUSS45276
GOST 11930.9-79 Hard-facing materials. Methods of boron determination RUSS52140
GOST 11930.11-79 Hard-facing materials. Method of molybdenum determination RUSS48132
GOST 21549-76 Brazing and soldering. Method for determination of parent material erosion RUSS56745
GOST 13861-89 Pressure regulators for the flame machining RUSS17961
GOST 11930.2-79 Hard-facing materials. Method of sulphur determination RUSS49834
GOST 11969-79 Fusion welding. Basic positions and their designations RUSS15630
GOST 11930.4-79 Hard-facing materials. Method of chromium determination RUSS48489
GOST 11930.7-79 Hard-facing materials. Methods of iron determination RUSS53277
GOST 11930.6-79 Hard-facing materials. Methods of nickel determination RUSS51834
GOST 11930.3-79 Hard-facing materials. Method of silicon determination RUSS53355
GOST 10543-82 Surfacing steal wire. Specifications RUSS63477
GOST 5.1215-72 Metal arc welding electrodes of mark АНО-4 for mild structural steel. Quality requirements for certified products RUSS54372
GOST 11930.5-79 Hard-facing materials. Methods of manganese determination RUSS53995
GOST 11930.1-79 Hard-facing materials. Methods of carbon determination RUSS54359
GOST 14111-90 Straight electrodes for resistance spot welding. Types and dimensions RUSS47161
GOST 28830-90 Soldered and brazed joints. Test methods for tension and long-term strength RUSS72206
GOST 29273-92 Weldability. Definition RUSS15633
GOST 1429.14-77 Tin-lead solders. Spectral method for the determination of addition of antimony, copper, bismuth, iron, nickel RUSS48531
GOST 11930.10-79 Hard-facing materials. Method of tungsten determination RUSS48487

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